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Porcelain Crowns


Porcelain crowns help repair broken, decayed or missing teeth. Advances in dental medicine have made it possible to make your smile stronger, healthier and more natural looking. And because they’re made of tooth-colored materials, they blend seamlessly with your own teeth.


Porcelain crowns are the made of incredibly strong, life-like materials. They are the ideal solution when strength, health, and aesthetics are all important. While older style crowns have been known to show gray lines at the borders, new advancements in crown technology allow us to craft crowns that blend in so well, they look totally natural.


We usually use a combination of crowns and veneers for cosmetic dentistry. Typically, veneers are used on the front teeth and crowns are used on the side and back teeth, but Dr. Pelchovitz and Dr. Sherman will sit down with you and their lab ceramists to decide what will work best for you in your situation.


At Kenwood Complete Dentistry, your smile will benefit from our dentists’ advanced training and plethora of experience in cosmetic dentistry cases. Dr. Sherman and Dr. Pelchovitz use only the latest techniques and materials for the most lifelike, beautiful porcelain crowns. They are members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and have taken several courses with top cosmetic dentists at the prestigious Spear Center.


With cosmetic crowns, more so than crowns on back teeth, it’s vital to look at everything with an artistic eye, making sure that the color, translucency, surface texture, and shape are correct. Everyone has seen older style crowns on people’s front teeth done poorly. What we can achieve is the beautiful look nature intended (or better).


For cosmetic crowns, we’ll first schedule a cosmetic consultation to discuss what the patient likes, doesn’t like, and wants from their new teeth. We then take photos and make models to send to the lab so that we can verify that we can accomplish the patient’s ideal look.


Next, the patient will go to see our local ceramist and sit down with him one-on-one so he can use his artistic talents to make the crown blend in with the surrounding teeth. In the case of a more extensive smile transformation, we work with only one carefully hand-selected ceramist in Los Angeles. She has been chosen very carefully and we trust her work completely.


Crowns are usually completed in two appointments. If you need results more quickly, crowns can sometimes be made in one appointment with CEREC or two appointments with a dental lab. The dentist will help decide which will work best for your specific situation to get the strength, longevity and aesthetics you want.


See how the procedure works.


See a few of the most artful and amazing transformations created by our gifted dentists.

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