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Cleanings are an essential part of your dental health. That’s why we recommend at least two cleanings per year. At each dental hygiene appointment, our hygienist will examine and measure the health of your gums and the supporting tissues around your teeth. She’ll use specialized instruments to gently remove deposits from your teeth’s surfaces. And she’ll also give you personalized tips for home care techniques as she goes.

Oral cancer screenings are a part of every comprehensive dental examination we perform. Early detection is key in any cancer diagnosis, so we closely examine the soft tissues of your mouth, tongue, and upper throat. If suspicious areas are noted, we refer our patients to the appropriate medical specialist. Are you at a higher risk for oral cancer? Learn about the warning signs of oral cancer.

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Here at Kenwood Complete Dentistry, our goal is to help you keep your smile healthy and strong. We offer a full range of general dentistry services performed by our expert dentists and staff with the most advanced technology. And it all happens in a comfortable setting you’ll love. Here are some of our general dentistry offerings.


Our patients enjoy tooth-colored (non-metal) fillings that blend in beautifully with the rest of your teeth. Tooth-colored fillings eliminate the potential health concerns associated with metal fillings as well as the unattractive silver color and create a completely natural look. Learn more about why we don’t offer silver fillings.

Crowns are both functional and beautiful. Functionally, they allow us to restore a cracked, worn, or weakened tooth. Crowns are an ideal procedure for teeth that have suffered trauma or decay or are simply an unsightly appearance. When a tooth has become very decayed or otherwise structurally compromised, it may be impossible to safely fill the cavity, as not enough natural tooth structure remains. Rather than allowing the risk of further cracking or breakage, we create a crown to cover the tooth and restore its appearance and function. Crowns are also the final step in the process of root canal and dental implant therapy procedures.


Kenwood Complete Dentistry is one of the few dental practices in the greater Cincinnati area to offer CEREC single-visit crowns. CEREC stands for “ceramic reconstruction,” and is a high-tech way to manufacture high-quality, metal-free restorations, performed right at our offices. CEREC eliminates the need for messy impressions, temporary crowns, and multiple appointments. Dr. Pelchovitz or Dr. Sherman will discuss whether CEREC is the right choice for your situation.


Bridges help replace a single tooth or multiple teeth. We often recommend bridges when dental implants are not an option. Functionally, bridges provide a solid, stable tooth replacement, giving you better teeth alignment and a better ability to chew. Aesthetically, bridges give you a more complete set of teeth, and so a more beautiful smile. Some patients prefer bridges to a partial denture because they are cemented in place so they feel stronger and feel more natural. Do you have more questions about this dental technique? Try our FAQs about bridges.


Here at Kenwood Complete Dentistry, we offer the most technologically advanced cosmetic dentures. Modern denture technology makes it possible for you to have a new set of teeth that appear natural, fit beautifully, and do not have that “sunken” appearance of older denture styles. These better-fitting dentures offer a higher level of facial support, which help make you look years younger. Our patient say that our cosmetic dentures allow them to feel more comfortable and confident when speaking, eating and, of course, smiling.


TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder) can be a debilitating condition. Not only is it painful, it can also cause accelerated wear of your tooth structure and gum architecture. Kenwood Complete Dentistry offers a variety of oral appliances that can help relieve and treat the symptoms of TMD. Learn more about the symptoms of TMD.


See a few of the most artful and amazing transformations created by our gifted dentists.

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