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At Kenwood Complete Dentistry, we realize that having a healthy and beautiful smile enhances your appearance and transforms your confidence. We are pleased to offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures backed by years of cosmetic case experience.

These procedures can change the size, shape, and alignment of certain teeth, improve or correct bites, replace missing teeth, brighten the color of a smile, and so much more. Let’s take a closer look at some of our cosmetic dentistry offerings.


If you’re unhappy with the look of your natural teeth and would like to improve their shape, size, color, and position, porcelain veneers are the ideal solution. They are thin layers of dental porcelain that are permanently bonded to your teeth and can give you the lovely, even, and brilliant smile you envision for yourself. 


Thanks to all-porcelain crowns and bridges, repairing broken, decayed, or missing teeth and restoring them to their natural beauty is possible. Porcelain crowns are comprised of tooth-colored materials and will seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth. If your goal is to improve the strength, appearance and health of your teeth, porcelain crowns are an excellent option. 


Smile rejuvenation involves restoring your teeth, bite, and muscles back to a natural looking and youthful feeling condition, improving your self-esteem and comfort. Full mouth rejuvenation may be the answer to many problems, such as sore jaw muscles, recurring headaches, and repeated chipped, broken, and worn teeth.


Do stained and darkened teeth affect your self-confidence? If so, it's time to stop hiding them and wake up to the power of a brighter smile. With professional teeth whitening, you can eliminate stains caused by coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, aging, and other factors. Concerned about teeth sensitivity? Find out how our system helps avoid sensitivity.


Bonding involves placing a tooth-colored composite resin on the front teeth in order to fix a wide range of issues including slightly chipped, discolored, and misaligned teeth. Although this is a relatively inexpensive and ultra conservative solution, it is not as durable as porcelain and may discolor over time.


See a few of the most artful and amazing transformations created by our gifted dentists.

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